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  1. Azure Cloud Security Components

    Azure Cloud Security Components

    Purpose of this article:
    The purpose of this article is to mention some of the fundamental security components for Azure Security and how they link together.

    Cloud Security Components:

    I divide the Cloud security components in 4 main sections (there are more and I just want to focus on these) :

    1. Cloud Native Application Protection (CWPP & CSPM)
    2. Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
    3. Connection ...
  2. Azure Blob Storage - quick view

    Azure Blob Storage - quick view:

    Technical considerations:
    Assumption: File type is supported, files have proper naming convention to find them easily, no backup is needed, soft delete option is set for correct amount of time, firewall is not needed, other components such as connectivity /private endpoint/VM (for supporting the software) are already in place and they are beyond the scope of this document, the minimum latency is not required ( Standard tier).

    Azure Component: Azure Blob Storage ...
  3. Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

    A Quick look at " Azure Cloud Adoption Framework" :

    A Quick look at " Azure Cloud Adoption Framework" :

    •Introduction: The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF Framework) is a full lifecycle framework that enables cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision makers to achieve their cloud adoption goals.
    It provides best practices, documentation, and tools that help you create and implement
  4. Azure Data Factory

    Purpose and reason of using Azure Data Factory for business and customers:
    1. Azure Data Factory is a fully managed, serverless data integration service that enable you to visually integrate data sources, construct ETL and ELT processes code-free or write your own code. (Simply, it allows you to move data from one service to another service via automated pipelines. You can easily and automatically receive/send data from/to your

  5. Restore SQL and VM in Azure (Disaster Recovery Plan)

    Restore SQL and VM in Azure (Disaster Recovery Plan) :

    Written by: Mohsen Pourghorbani Dinachali ( 31-01-2021)

    Note: In this scenario we used Azure “Recovery Service Vault” for backup the SQL and VM. Our SQL doesn’t have “Log Backup” and also, we do not have “Transactions” in the database.

    Restoring SQL:

    1.Log in to Azure portal (
    2. Choose the correct Subscription
    3. Go to the Correct “Resource Group”
    4. Click on the correct “Recovery

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